A paternity test is a test that helps to check if a dad is truly a child’s father or if a child is the son/daughter of a specific person. A paternity test is like a scientific test that checks if a man is a child’s biological dad. It looks at the genetic stuff in our bodies called DNA. DNA is a body’s secret code; it comes from real mom and dad. We know you have many questions in mind about the paternity test. Keep reading and at the end, you will have answers to all the questions.

Whether paternity or DNA tests are accurate?
Yes, DNA tests are more than 99% accurate which depends upon the methods of test.

What are the methods of paternity or DNA tests?

    • Blood Test: Both father and child give blood samples at a medical facility or ask a lab to collect from home. Then the analysis is performed at the lab. 
  • Cheek Swabs: Father and child swab inside their cheeks to collect cells naming buccal cells. Similar to blood tests, you can collect check swabs at home and then send them to the lab for analysis. Some labs have their paternity test kits in the market that you can use to collect cheek swabs and then send them to the lab.
  • Finger Prints: Thanks to technology, now you can do paternity tests at home by using a home paternity test kit. Both father and child place their fingers on the kit which matches their SNPs and provides 100% accurate results within minutes.

How does a paternity test work?

So in all the above methods, a paternity test looks at the DNA of a child and father.  They look at short bits of DNA code called STRs or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). If DNA matches then the person is the father of the child and if DNA does not match then he is not the father of that child. So, that’s the simple theory behind the paternity test.

What does DNA paternity testing cost?

If you perform a DNA paternity test at home, it can cost $60 – $180 including the cost of a kit. Cost varies in each method.

How much time it takes for results?

Time depends on the method of paternity test. Different labs have their time stamps for tests. Usually, it takes 1 – 2 days for results. But in the case of a new technology-based home paternity test kit which we have mentioned earlier, it only takes 10 minutes.


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Why do people perform maternity tests?

There are a lot of reasons for a paternity test. The most common reasons are covered below.

  • Legal Proceedings: Resolving legal matters linked to child biological relation, support, custody, visitation rights, and more.
  • Citizenship Verification: Citizenship verification for a child born overseas.
  • Inheritance Clarification: Resolving inheritance disputes.
  • Negative Confirmation: To Confirm that an individual is not the genetic parent of a child.
  • Peace of Mind: Offers peace of mind regarding genetic relationships.
  • To obtain an immigration visa


When there is any question about child paternity, a paternity test can give an accurate answer. Your doctor may suggest the best method according to your needs, budget, time frame, and situation.

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