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Discover the touch-to-know SNP paternity test, right at your fingertips, offering a fully private and instant experience. This comprehensive test can accurately identify 1st and 2nd-degree genetic relationships, including parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, and half-siblings, with unparalleled precision and ease of use. Bid farewell to invasive cheek swabs, worries about long waits, and uncertainties linked with traditional mail-in paternity test kits

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Why Choose Us



Say goodbye to invasive cheek swabs and embrace a testing experience that is completely discreet and painless.


Our approach avoids harsh chemicals and complex lab procedures, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly process.

Risk-Free Assurance

Rest assured with our 100% confidence guarantee and no risk of DNA hacking.


Our system is configured to uncover all possible biological relationships beyond paternity with ease.


No more waiting. Gain clarity and peace of mind instantly.

Highly Accurate

Our advanced SNP genome-wide analysis ensures superior accuracy compared to traditional STR probability methods.

More About



Real-time SNP Analysis


10 minutes


DNA fingerprinting via touch


Expands beyond paternity to include all close relatives


Includes testing cartridge, buffer solution, and Test Procedure Card


Guaranteed 100% certainty according to Mendel’s Law


How it Works

Pinch a wet cleansing wipe and cleanse your fingers for 10 seconds.

Using your moistened fingers, touch the designated pads on the cartridge for 30 seconds.

Add drops of the buffer to the cartridge.

The entire Kinship DNA test kit process takes only 10 minutes, offering immediate insights into your genetic consanguinity.

Secure Your Family Bonds with KinTouch Paternity Plus 4 Today!​

Interpretation of Results

Indicates relationships of the 3rd degree or more distant, such as cousins

Represents 2nd-degree genetic kinship, including half-siblings, grandparents, or uncles.

Represents 2nd-degree genetic kinship, including half-siblings, grandparents, or uncles

Benefits of KinTouch paternity Plus 4

Instant test outcomes provide peace of mind without the agony of waiting.

Swift and Precise Results

Bid farewell to invasive procedures while ensuring 100% privacy.

Painless and Confidential

Trust in results of superior accuracy compared to traditional methods.

Highly Reliable

Safeguard your genetic data and the environment through our eco-conscious approach.

Safe and Eco-friendly

Conduct the simple and convenient test from the comfort of your own home.


Application of KinTouch Paternity Plus 4


The KinTouch Paternity Plus 4 Test offers more than just a simple paternity test. It’s the ideal solution for individuals seeking precise answers to paternity questions and unraveling various genetic relationships. This comprehensive test is suitable for:

1. Establishing paternity for legal purposes.

2. Strengthening familial bonds through personal knowledge.

3. Resolving doubts and uncertainties for a better quality of life.

Compatibility of KinTouch Paternity Plus 4

As an all-round DNA paternity test kit, KinTouch Paternity Plus 4 is designed to work seamlessly with all skin types and ages.

How to Differentiate Between:


SAMPLECheek swabFinger touch
TEST SUBJECTMother-child-father triosChild-father duos
TARGET ALLELE21 short tandem repeats (STR)3 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in human genomes
PRINCIPLEBayes’ Theorem for paternity exclusionMENDEL’S law of segregation
TECHNIQUEPCR amplification and electrophoresisGenome crossover hybridization
APPROACHExclusion probabilityGenetic distance
KINSHIPPaternity/Maternity onlyAll-Encompassing

Our Awards

Excellence & Achievements

KinTouch leads the field in paternity DNA testing, marked by excellence and numerous achievements. Our legacy is built on milestones, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to precision in genetic analysis.

Frequenlty Asked Question

Welcome to the KinTouch Paternity Plus 4 FAQ section, your ultimate resource for information about our advanced paternity testing solution.

The KinTouch Paternity+4 Test is a genetic test that accurately determines paternity and other family relationships by analyzing DNA samples from individuals. It utilizes advanced techniques and examines additional genetic markers for increased accuracy in identifying biological relationships.

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in paternity testing with KinTouch! Our game-changing Finger SNP DNA Technology sets us apart, presenting a 10-minute touch DNA paternity test that guarantees 100% confidence. Say farewell to worries about sampling errors, privacy concerns, and the frustration of waiting for prolonged results. KinTouch redefines the standards of paternity testing—offering a swift, accurate, and stress-free experience. Choose KinTouch for a revolutionary approach to certainty.

Yes, the KinTouch test can assess relationships beyond paternity. It can determine other familial relationships such as siblinghood, grandparentage, and avuncular (aunt/uncle) relationships by comparing the genetic profiles of the individuals involved.

Finger-touch technology works by using capacitive touch sensors in a device’s screen to detect the electrical properties of the human body, such as conductivity. When you touch the screen, the sensors detect the disruption in the electrical field, allowing the device to interpret the touch location and perform corresponding actions.

DNA hacking assurance involves implementing various security measures to protect genetic information from unauthorized access, tampering, or manipulation. These measures include encryption techniques, access controls, and ethical considerations to ensure the responsible use of DNA data in research and healthcare.

The validation control in the KinTouch Kit ensures the accuracy and reliability of the system’s measurements by comparing them against known standards or references. It helps verify that the device is functioning correctly and providing accurate data, enhancing confidence in the results generated by the KinTouch Kit.

KinTouch Paternity Plus 4 provides an accuracy rate of over 99.9%, comparable to traditional DNA tests

KinTouch offers swift and accurate DNA analysis with 10-minute results, all from the comfort of your home.

The KinTouch paternity test kit includes everything you need for the test, including the cartridge, buffer solution, wipes, and instructions.

Our Reviews


Discover the KinTouch difference through firsthand experiences. Read testimonials praising our swift, reliable, and confidence-boosting DNA testing process.

Picture of John Doe

John Doe

Dec 25, 2023

Impressed with KinTouch Paternity Plus 4’s swift results and precision. Easy-to-follow instructions and discreet packaging.

Picture of William


Oct 23, 2023

KinTouch Paternity Plus 4 exceeded expectations. Thorough analysis with additional markers for enhanced accuracy.

Picture of Lucas


Sep 26, 2023

aternity Plus 4 delivered a seamless testing experience. Clear instructions, secure packaging, and quick results.

Experience the revolutionary KinTouch Paternity+4 Test, a state-of-the-art DNA paternity test kit that ensures the most accurate paternity test results in just 10 minutes and delivering best-in-class performance from the comfort of your home. Bid farewell to worries about DNA data hacking, uncertainty in STR probability, privacy concerns, and the frustration of prolonged waits for results.

Gain comprehensive insights with 100% confidence into the relationships that matter most to you—be it parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

Rest assured, our full guarantee ensures diagnostic accuracy and is accompanied by an unparalleled warranty.

Introducing the KinTouch Paternity+4 Test, a finger-touch DNA test that distinguishes itself with remarkable user-friendliness. The entire process takes just 10 minutes—simply cleanse the finger, press the touchpad, add buffer, and observe the green and red color pattern in the dual-slit windows for the test results

Built on Mendel’s segregation law, this all-encompassing kinship + paternity test provides a comprehensive kinship analysis for 1st and 2nd-degree relatives alike. Each KinTouch DNA paternity test kit includes two tests with built-in positive control, ensuring 100% confidence for every individual paternity or kinship analysis.

The test confirms whether an alleged relative is genetically linked through ½ and ¼ of discrete genetic relatedness, covering parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews—all from the comfort of your home. Most Accurate paternity test Backed by our commitment to best-in-class performance with an unparalleled 60-day 100% refund guarantee.

Relationship to be tested

Sibling & half sibling test kit, Grandparental & grandchild test kit, Self Identification of Twins test kit

  1. Jasson Adder

    The quickness and accuracy of this Kintouch paternity+4 test kit have completely blown me away! As a single mum, I needed self-assurance, and this DNA Test kit provided it without confusion. Its features are brilliant and also it makes the process quick and confidential. Highly recommended for anyone looking to conduct a DNA test without blood.

    • KinTouch Web Desk

      Thank you for sharing your experience! We’re happy to hear that our Kintouch paternity+4 test kit met your expectations by offering quick, precise results and peace of mind for single parents like you. 

  2. Melinda Gates

    I’m grateful for the Kintouch Paternity Plus 4, which quickly addressed my paternity concerns. This paternity test kit is the easiest approach that produces satisfactory outcomes making it a great choice for resolving paternity issues.

    • KinTouch Web Desk

      Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us!

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